Learning Italian

Small classes and big competence.

Academy Olmo has been  standing out for 20 years for the high quality teaching, due to the choose of professional teachers, and the attested experience in italian language teaching.

We try to satisfy our students needs, via choosing topics to talk about, according to their requests, and focusing on  either  conversation  or grammar, depending on the cases.


The Romagna Toscana

 Romagna  is famous  for his   hospitality e good cooking and  Tuscany for the   culture and the art.

Portico di Romagna is located on the hills half way between Ravenna and Firenze, and It summerizes the main features of Romagna and Tuscany.

Here you will find a warm hospitality  joined with  a traditional kitchen, which shows his best  in the “hand made pasta”  . The architecture of the town has tuscanian origins, therefore  the Medici coat of arms is still visible in some palaces of the old town.


The National Park

One of the biggest parks in Italy with untouched nature.

Within portico municipality there is  the national park Foreste Casentinesi  Monte Falterona e Campigna, which is crossed  by a network of very well marked paths.

A park to be discovered, on foot and by bicycle, with various landscapes and views and different beauties, which change depending on the season, such as  a bath in the river during the summer, or searching for truffle   in the autumn.


Take part of the daily activities.

A various and interesting program for free time activities.

Although Academy Olmo is a small centre, we daily organize initiatives, in order  to know what it deserves to be seen within our territory.

Among the most requested and appreciated activities, there are cooking classes and excursions to local wine cellars, and olive oil producers which  include wine and typical products tasting.   Furthermore you may choose excursions to the cities of art, such as Ravenna or  hiking in the National Park with a local guide.



Office Address: Via Roma 7, 47010 Portico di Romagna FC, Italy

Email: info@academyolmo.com
Phone Numbers:+39 (0)543967053

Why Choose Us

  • Extreme attention to our students
  • Beauty of the town and the landscapes
  • Cosy accomodation with modern facilities
  • High quality kitchen
  •  Interesting and funny free time activities

About Academy Olmo

Academy olmo has been merging  Italian language teaching with authentic Italian hospitality for more than twenty years, in an untouched medieval village in the heart of the Appennines, between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany.

We may offer to our students a wide range of  courses, and  several different types of accomodations, and spare time activities.