One week (Italian language course)

You can choose one week of Club 50 + / language Sweet Life (Excluding Saturday excursion):

1 week Club 50 / Dolce Vita, includes one week of Italian lessons in a standard minigroup (4 hours per day from Monday to Friday) + afternoonn activities, every day from Monday to Friday. They can range from activities inside the hotel, or the school, or trips outside the village.

Afternoon program

First week:

Guided tour of Portico with an introduction to local history.
Wine tasting at a local vineyard.
Evening at the hotel with live music.
A) Art exhibition in the museum of San Domenico, Forlì (for the 50/DV club only included before July 2017)
B) The Malatesta library in Cesena, UNESCO world heritage site ( included in the club over 50/DV after July 2017
Truffle hunt when in season, or trekkng in the National Park.

Other options

Second week:

An excursion to the nearby Abbey of San Benedetto and a short visit to the medieval bridge in Bocconi.
Cooking course with dinner.
Excursion to Faenza, includes the entry ticket to the international ceramics museum (MIC)
Enjoy wine tasting and traditional local produce in the hotel with a sommelier.
Escursion to the local "Vulcano" with the option to walk back to town (a 5.5 km walk)

2019 dates:

18.03-22.03 o 25.03-29.03
10.06-14.06 o 17.07-21.07
30.09-04.10 o 07.10-11.10

Prices :
(+70€ registration fee)

One week = 5 days from Monday to Friday: 290€

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